Jeroen Schrage Helicopter Capetown South Africa

Cameraman |  Certified Drone Pilot | Video Editor

Jeroen Schrage Videography is based in The Netherlands (Leeuwarden).
Jeroen his big passion is filming and film editing.

He loves skiing, traveling and to capture the world with his camera’s and drone.

His first camera was a Gopro camera, in the first place it was meant to capture ski video’s in the time as a ski-instructor, but quickly it became a serious film passion.

To capture amazing video’s, he went skydiving, paragliding, diving & backpacking in South East Asia, and was able to shoot amazing video’s and time-lapses.

Jeroen sold video content to the television broadcaster ‘BBC’ about a weather phenomenon called ‘halo sundog‘ and started to shoot/edit films in a professional way.

Jeroen Schrage Videography is using the latest film technology to get the best results.